There are many myths and misconceptions about elder abuse.  I challenge you to test your knowledge:

1. It is always best for elderly parents to live with family members. True or False

2. There are always physical signs of elder abuse. True or False

3. Practically all cases of elder abuse are reported to the authorities. True or False

4. If an elderly relative is being abused, all family members will want to know about it and immediately reported it to the authorities. True or False

5. All states and communities are eager to save and protect the elderly from abusive situations. True or False

6. Men are more likely to abuse the elderly. True or False

7. Elder abuse has no financial impact on the economy. True or False

8. If an elder does not complain about being abused, he/she must be okay. True or False

9. It’s unlikely for the wealthy to experience elder abuse in their families. True or False

10 Elder abuse is a concern only for western cultures. True or False

11. Are you able to define “Granny Snatching?”

12. Name at least three warning signs of potential elder abuse.

13. Elder abuse referred to as the _______ crime.

14. All police officers are trained in elder abuse matters. True or False

15. As one gets older, the capacity to make sensible choices and financial decisions diminishes considerably. True or False

16. Most elders are aware when they are being abused. True or False.

I will provide you with the answers next week. As I always mention, please report any incidents of elder abuse to your local authorities. The website for the National Center for Elder Abuse is http://www.ncea.aoa.gov.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions.


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