Sexual assault against any women is tragic but when we hear about an elderly woman being sexually assaulted, many of us tend to be shocked, angry and confused. We cannot understand why someone would commit such a heinous act against an elderly woman.

Unfortunately, there have been reported in many local newspapers sexual assaults against elderly women. There was an American study that found that the female victims were in their 70’s and suffered a major impediment to self-care and were sexually abused by a known person whom the victim was dependent upon for care.

Another study revealed that it was more common for there to be at least one witness to the sexual abuse (76.2%) than for it to occur without being witnessed (23.8%). The study showed that 16.7% of elder sexual abuse victims lived with family members while the majority (83.3%) lived in a nursing home or other adult care facility. Also, 81% of the suspected offender were caregivers, and 78% were family members, primarily husbands and sons. Over one-third (36%) of the suspected offenders were themselves elders.

These are recent examples of cases currently in local newspapers of young men arrested for alleging raping elderly women:

In Dayton, Ohio, twenty-six-year old Jean Paul Mpanurwa of Congo, Africa was arrested this week and is being held on a $500,000 bond after being accused of raping a 90-year-old woman.

In Anderson, Indiana, a 17-year-old was taken into custody this Friday for a  July 17 sexual assault against a woman in the 90’s.

These cases are reported in  the local media but failed to be picked up on the national level. This needs to change because people need to understand that is happening all over the country.

As I always mention, please report all incidents to the proper authorities. You can also find information on the National Center on Elder Abuse’s website at

Please feel free to leave your questions or comments.


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