I have worked in the trust and estate industry for many years and have seen some of the horrible stories of how the elderly are treated.  My goal is to educate you about the horrors of elder abuse, whether it is psychological, emotional, physical or financial.  Many of the facts you may find disturbing but it will give you a clear snapshot of this very serious social problem.

Statistics show that elder abuse is costing the United States about $3 billion a year. Despite the gravity and the cost involved, the federal government does not have a policy in place to report elder abuse, according to Stephanie Lee in the article Why is Elder Abuse a Social Problem on www.ehow.com.  The federal government acquiesces to the state and local governments to investigate and resolve this issue. 
Elder abuse does not get the attention it warrants because it hits too close to home and it is very uncomfortable for many to discuss. This is the reason why many elderly are not receiving the assistance they need. The goal of this blog is to change that.
In my next blog, I will discuss the growing problem of financial exploitation of the elderly. Please feel free to send me your comments and/or questions.
I am going to leave with you some facts, according to http://www.elder-law.laws.com, that are alarming:
  • There has been no nationally recognized or organized effort to understand elder abuse or to collect elderly abuse statistics.
  • Information and data suggests that over 1 million Americans over the age of 65 have been subjected to physical brutality, psychological abuse, sexual assault, or financial exploitation by an individual tasked with their care and support. Every year, over 400,000 elderly individuals experience some form of elder abuse. Elder abuse statistics estimate that up to 10% of elderly individuals eventually become victims of some type of abuse or neglect
  • Approximately one out of every 14 cases of elderly abuse occurs in a domestic setting such as the victim’s home
  • Elder abuse statistics indicate that elderly abuse investigations are substantially greater in states that have established mandatory reporting legislation
  • The large majority of elder abuse victims— almost 70%—are female. Ironically, over half of those that were responsible for this type of abuse and neglect were women.

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